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ugg originales Unbalanced line

ugg sand Unbalanced line

In an unbalanced formation, the offense will create a stronger blocking surface to one side of the center by either aligning a tackle, bringing him over from his normal position to put him at tight end or actually creating a numbers advantage to one side of the center. One of the most common forms of an unbalanced line is to put a tackle at tight end to the three man side and the tight end to the two man side. Below is an example of this concept. Notice the “Z” is aligned to the tight end side and off the line of scrimmage to make him an eligible receiver. The “X” is on the line of scrimmage to the tackle side making the tackle ineligible.

There are several reasons why an offense will utilize unbalanced formations. First, the unbalanced line can cause confusion for the defense. Many defenses align their personnel based on where the tight end is aligned in the set. Putting a tackle over creates confusion for defenses on initial alignment. Secondly, it can cause personnel mismatches. By putting a tackle at tight end or creating a four man surface, the offense causes mismatches with big offensive tackles aligned on smaller linebackers. This can be a big advantage in the running game. Thirdly,
ugg originales Unbalanced line
the unbalanced line forces defenses to adjust. Obviously, there are many types of unbalanced formations and every one causes the defense to deviate from their normal adjustment and plan. This forces the defense to spend valuable practice time adjusting to formations that the offense may or may not use.

The tackle formation (diagram 3) is used to get a big offensive lineman on a smaller linebacker to the three man side to help in the running game. The advantage is the offense still has the tight end, “Z” and “X” as eligible receivers. This can confuse the defense in alignment and also in man to man coverage.

Bob Davie: There are two schools of thought. First, you can matchup when the offense changes personnel. This is the ideal way of doing it, but sometimes there can be confusion because offenses hide their personnel groups and you may not know exactly who is on the field. Ideally, you would like to substitute your defenders when they put extra receivers in. The other way is to substitute by down and distance. When it’s second or third and long,
ugg originales Unbalanced line
you commit to your nickel or dime defense regardless of the offense’s personnel.