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Speech delivered by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, President of the Council of State and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, on the 40th Anniversary of the proclamation of the socialist nature of the Cuban Revolution, held on 23rd Ave. and 12th St. in Havana City. April 16, 2001.

40 years ago, at this same time, in this same place, we proclaimed the socialist nature of our Revolution. We had just buried the men who had died victims of the perfidious attack made at daybreak on April 15, 1961. government, had been painted with the color and insignias of our modest Air Force. Our three main air bases in Ciudad Libertad, San Antonio de los Ba and Santiago de Cuba were the targets hit on that treacherous and bloody morning. The aircraft involved were carrying 10,000 kilograms of bombs, 64 five inch missiles and 23,040 50 caliber bullets. In a matter of seconds, our young artillerymen, still in training, responded to the surprise attack with their antiaircraft weapons. The enemy could only destroy three fighter planes on the ground.

of our compatriots died and 53 others were wounded, including five children who lived in the vicinity of the Ciudad Libertad airport.

attackers’ planes had taken off from a base in Nicaragua. One of them was shot down, two had two make forced landings in different places, and all those that made it back to their base had been hit repeatedly by antiaircraft fire. citizens, and 62% of the aircraft supplied by the United States.

Revolution, after fighting off the attack of April 15, was still left with more fighter planes than pilots. And 48 hours later, at daybreak on April 17, those pilots would deal a devastating blow to the invading forces. That air attack had served to alert us to the imminent invasion, 36 hours before the invaders had landed. By then, all of our forces were mobilized and on full alert.

the superpower commenced its loathsome and cowardly military aggression against our country in a flagrant violation of international law.

was to be expected, the powerful imperialist machinery of propaganda and deception was immediately put in action. How did the United States explain those events to the world?

order to explain this to the generations born later, I will use excerpts from the same wire dispatches I used on that April 16 to denounce the shameless conduct of the American leaders:

April 15, UPI. Cuban pilots who escaped from Fidel Castro’s Air Force landed today in Florida in World War II bombers after having blown up Cuban military facilities. [.] One of the Cuban Air Force B 26 bombers landed in the Miami international airport riddled with bullet holes from antiaircraft artillery and machine guns, and with only one of its engines working. Another came down in the air station at the Key West marina; a third bomber landed in another foreign country different from the one they had originally planned to head to after the attack. There are unconfirmed reports of another plane crashing off Tortuga Island. Navy is investigating into the case. The pilots, who asked for their identities not to be revealed, disembarked from their planes wearing their maneuver uniforms and immediately requested asylum in the United States.”

UPI. The pilot of the bomber that landed in Miami explained that he was one of the 12 B 26 pilots who remained in the Cuban Air Force. [.] ‘My comrades took off earlier to attack the airfields we had agreed to hit. Later, because I was running out of fuel, I had to head to Miami because I wouldn’t have been able to make it to our planned destination.”

April 15, AP. Three Cuban bomber pilots, fearful of being betrayed in their plans to escape from Fidel Castro’s government,
donde puedo comprar botas ugg en mexico on the 40th Anniversary of the proclamation of the socialist nature of the Cuban Revolution
fled to the United States today after strafing and bombing the airports in Santiago and Havana.

of the two twin engine bombers landed in Miami international airport, and the pilot described how he and three others of the 12 B 26 pilots who remain in the Cuban Air Force had planned for months to escape from Cuba.

City, April 15, AP. The bombing of Cuban bases by Cuban deserter planes was particularly welcomed here by the majority of newspapers, which joined with the Cuban exile groups to say that the bombing was the beginning of a movement for liberation from communism. [.] A great deal of activity was seen among the Cuban exiles. A Cuban source commented that the new Cuban government in exile would head to Cuba shortly after the first wave of the invasion against the Fidel Castro regime, to establish a provisional government that it hoped would be quickly recognized by many anti Castro Latin American countries. Amado Hern Vald of the Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front here, said that the time of liberation was drawing close. He declared that four Cuban bases had been attacked by the three Cuban deserter planes.”

agencies published the following news item:

issued by Dr. Mir Cardona: A heroic blow in favor of Cuban freedom was dealt this morning by a certain number of officers from the Cuban Air Force. Before flying their planes to freedom, these true revolutionaries tried to destroy as many of Castro’s military planes as possible. The Revolutionary Council is proud to announce that their plans were carried out successfully, and that the Council has been in contact with them and has encouraged these brave pilots. Their action is another example of the desperation to which patriots of all social strata can be led under Castro’s relentless tyranny.

While Castro and his followers try to convince the world that Cuba has been threatened by an invasion from abroad, this blow in favor of liberty like others before it, was dealt by Cubans living in Cuba who decided to fight back against tyranny and oppression or die trying. For security reasons, no further details will be released.”

Cardona was none other than the head of the provisional government that the United States had locked up in the barracks of an air base, together with other political leaders, with their bags all packed and a plane ready to land them on an airstrip in the Bay of Pigs as soon as a beachhead had been secured.

the numberless lies did not stop here. ambassador to the United Nations, Adlai Stevenson, rejected Roa’s claims [.] and showed the Commission photographs from United Press International showing two airplanes that landed in Florida today after taking part in the raids against three Cuban cities. ‘They have the mark of Castro’s Air Force on their tails, they have the star and the Cuban initials; these are clearly visible. I will exhibit these photographs with pleasure.’ Stevenson added that those two planes were piloted by officers of the Cuban Air Force and manned by deserters from the Castro regime. government’s trickery and lies deceived even the press agencies.

is clear how such lies were concocted in advance and fed to the pilots: everyone regurgitated the same lies with the same details.

frustrated President of the Provisional Government could not be expected to do anything other than repeat the same version. ambassador to the United Nations was lamentable. He had been a presidential candidate respected by the general public and politicians in the United States. Many believe he too was deceived, with no consideration whatsoever for his reputation.

years have passed. Nevertheless, the methods of lies and deception used by the empire and its mercenary allies remain unchanged. Barely four years ago, when bombs began to explode in Havana hotels, financed by the Cuban American National Foundation and brought to Cuba from Central America by bloodthirsty terrorists, the story they tried to spread was that these were actions carried out by members of the Cuban state security services disgruntled with the Revolution.

at the end of the speech I gave here 40 years ago, I said, “What the imperialists cannot forgive us is that we are here. What they cannot forgive us is the dignity, the determination, the courage, the ideological firmness, the spirit of sacrifice and the revolutionary spirit of the Cuban people, and the fact that we have undertaken a socialist revolution. And that socialist revolution we defend with these guns! (Applause and shouts of “Viva Fidel!”) We defend that socialist revolution with the same courage with which our antiaircraft artillery force riddled the attacking planes with bullets yesterday! We do not defend it with mercenaries; we defend it with the men and women of our people!

it the millionaires who have the weapons?” (Shouts of “No!”)

it the children of the rich who have the weapons?” (Shouts of “No!”) That is what I asked then, and this is what you answer now.
donde puedo comprar botas ugg en mexico on the 40th Anniversary of the proclamation of the socialist nature of the Cuban Revolution