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Our business plan project began with the objective of creating a product, raising money and being able to donate it to the Association against “Cáncer de Mama”.

In addition, we were able to reflect our differentiating trait since our company is made up of four second year baccalaureate students and our products are going to be prepared manually.

Well, today I’m going to answer some doubts that you can have about us using THE 5 W. So let’s go!

What?/ Who? 4 entrepreneurs from the subject of ‘Fundamentos de la Economía’ of Santo Domingo School initiated a business activity to fight against poorness and starvation.

When? We are going to perform this activity during 2 BAT, so you can adquire our products until May.

How? We are going to sell the máximum number of our different products like chockers, hairbands and necklaces to be able to collaborate with entities aimed at people who suffer nowadays to continue living.

Why? We decide to sell this type of products because we think that there are so cool, fashion and it’s a simple way to help to each others.

I hope you like it!

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This task was carried out thanks to a talk we received by several professionals of the subject to be discussed, where they explained everything in relation to such trade. In the talk, they explained that fair trade condemns child labor and exploitation, defends a decent and well paid job for women and that the farmers and artisans have a fair price for a decent life.

We also distinguish International Trade and Fair Trade, differ in that fair trade only has one intermediary that is the company and international trade has many intermediaries, in addition, fair trade receives less in exchange than international trade and the CJ tries directly with the producer. We find a series of consequences when fair trade is not carried out, such as the country’s poverty, illiteracy and corruption.

In my opinion it was a very useful talk to know the injustices that some companies commit and have a responsible consumption and be more supportive.

From Cute Avenue CB we commit ourselves to try to contribute a bit in what we can with a donated part of the profits obtained with our sales, specifically to associations against breast cancer, as we consider it an injustice at a human level that No woman should suffer, because it is a difficult disease to treat and in which women have a very bad time when they contract it, not to mention that in some cases, if it is not visualized and treated in time it can be mortal.
boots ugg Cute Avenue C